A story about how I, the Neva masquerade cat Baloo, love to celebrate my birthday


A story about how I, the Neva masquerade cat Baloo, like to celebrate my birthday, away from the noise and bustle of people! This time, it became not only a holiday for me, but also for my new friend.

I woke up at dawn, when the first rays of the sun made their way through the curtains of the forest, and the fertile nature spread around me. I felt like the king of nature, with a wonderful masquerade mask on my face, ready to start the celebration!

My feline nature jumped with joy when I pretended to hunt for ripe berries, fresh leaves and shiny stones... Having had a lot of fun, I decided to change the situation and go for a walk.

My path lay along the river, where I could watch the slight movement of fish and frogs. The sun was quickly rising high in the sky and I was enjoying the cozy warm air mixed with the scent of flowers and greenery.

As the sun began to set, I found the perfect place to relax - covered in a soft carpet of greenery. And suddenly I saw a lot of balloons that were lying everywhere, as if they themselves had become alive. I looked closer and saw that it was a whole army of colorful balloons: blue-green, orange, yellow and orange. I could not understand who could get such miracles and how they ended up in my secluded place.

My curiosity won and I went to the tree to take a closer look at these mysterious balloons. As soon as I touched them, they began to slowly rise into the air!

Suddenly I heard a quiet voice behind me: “Hello, Balu! I left these balls for you!" I turned around and saw a gnome smiling at me. He said that he heard about my birthday and wanted to give me this unusual sight.

We started playing with balloons together - they flew over the clearing, around the trees and even over my head! I felt as if I was in my own fairy tale! Then the gnome gave me more soap bubbles and we happily watched them burst.

It was a beautiful day! I had a wonderful birthday in the forest. It became not only a holiday for me, but also for my new friend - the gnome. I felt like the luckiest cat in the world! It was a beautiful day! I had a wonderful birthday in the forest. It became not only a holiday for me, but also for my new friend - the gnome. I felt like the luckiest cat in the world!

Neva masquerade cat Afanasy admires the May sunset


One day in May, on the bank of the river, whose waters quietly sang their serenade, sat the Nevsky masquerade cat Afanasy. He was a giant among cats with a magnificent tail and a knowing, intelligent look.. His eyes were full of wisdom and questions, expressing various emotions.

Afanasy looked at the river, and his thoughts jumped in full accordance with the bright bunnies from the setting sun that sparkled on the surface of the water. He recalled his young years of life, how he was taken from his mother and taken on a bus to a new life, hidden in his bosom so that he would not be afraid.

But today he was not happy about his beauty, he was thoughtful, and his thoughts were busy with himself. He felt that his life was full of uncertainty and misunderstanding. And suddenly, as if a ray of sunshine had warmed his heart, he suddenly realized that he was his real life, his real world..

"“I am the Neva Masquerade Cat,” he said to himself. And I belong to this world. At that moment he saw his reflection in the water and smiled. He realized that he did not need any changes or new adventures, because he felt comfortable and free in this world.

And when the sun in the sky began to fade, and the river continued its quiet path to the sea, Athanasius sank to the ground and began to blissfully in his own world. He felt free and harmonious, as if he were on a soft cloud.

He knew that he could die at any moment, but he also understood that this was not the end, but only a transition to a new level. And he was ready to move to this other world at any moment.

So the Neva masquerade cat Afanasy lived his life on the river bank, admiring the May sunset and feeling free and happy. In this world he was a king; his life was full of meaning and joy.

Neva masquerade cats are an important part of human history))


Oh, how I, the Neva masquerade cat Afanasy, love to think about human history! What a miracle, what an amazement! It flows like a stream of amazing intrigues and intricate paths, bending like a pattern on a brocade scarf through centuries and centuries.

Great kings who ruled over people with their will are like me, like I rule over flies in a dark room. They built their empires like I build my blanket fortifications. They fought for their power, like I fight for my toys.. Or those poor, hungry masses who quietly suffered as I suffer from contemplating my empty bowl... Ah, poor people!

And our time is the time of cars and computers, when people can communicate with each other as quickly as I run down the corridor. And this is a time of war and terror, when people destroy each other as easily as I destroy my mice. Ah, but there is beauty in this time too! Beauty in art and literature that attempts to capture our inexhaustible emotional depth.

Thus, the history of mankind is a colossal continuous pattern of people and events that is constantly changing and developing. And we - cats - we are its particles that are trying to understand its meaning.

Ah, but who knows? Perhaps the history of mankind is just a dream of our fascinating masquerade cat?

Wish Fulfillment Aristotle Moonshine of Neva


One spring day, the Neva Masquerade cat named Aristotle, who lived in a cozy home surrounded by a loving family, felt genuine excitement, because one of the brightest and most joyful holidays of the year was ahead.. Aristotle watched with pleasure the preparations of his hosts for this day. He watched as they decorated the house with Easter garlands, baked Easter cakes and painted eggs.. The cat could not resist and joined the process, creeping up to the table to sniff the tempting aroma of culinary masterpieces.

Finally, the long-awaited day came, and an atmosphere of indescribable joy and warmth reigned in the house.. The family gathered at the festive table, shared eggs and enjoyed mutual company. Aristotle was also involved in the festive atmosphere, closely watching everyone and trying to control what was happening.

And suddenly a mysterious figure in clothes of unknown origin appeared on the threshold. This strange stranger invited the feast participants to play an exciting game. The task was simple - to find the eggs he had hidden in the house.. However, the eggs were magical, and whoever discovers them will have the opportunity to fulfill any wish..

Determined, Aristotle joined the game, despite his skepticism. He examined every corner of the house, looked under the bed and behind the cabinets, but he never found an egg.. Hope gradually faded away when suddenly his gaze fell on a bird feeder by the window, which he had not noticed before.

Without hesitation, the cat ran to the feeder, squinting his eyes to better see the contents.. An amazing room opened before him, full of light and well-being.. There were three small golden eggs on the table, emitting a warm light and an amazing smell.. Aristotle realized that he had found them, and could fulfill his deepest desire.

Having gathered all the participants of the Easter feast in the living room, the cat expressed his desire - for every family member to be happy and healthy, and for the house to be filled with peace and joy. The magic eggs turned into bright lights that illuminated the whole house and filled it with comfort and warmth.. Aristotle smiled, realizing that his wish had come true, and he was happier than anything in the world.

Congratulations on Palm Sunday!


Congratulations on Palm Sunday!

Palm Sunday is a special time filled with hope and renewal. May this spring bring a lot of joy, good luck and bright moments into your life. Let your soul be filled with warmth and inspiration, like the first green leaves on a willow branch. May every new day bring happiness and prosperity to your hearts.


We invite you to breed with the Neva masquerade cat Aristotle “Moonshine of Neva”


The “Moonshine of Neva” cattery invites you to breed with a beautiful Neva Masquerade cat with good breed characteristics.

Show cat. We are slowly looking for brides from other nurseries for permanent romantic relationships.

We expect to find a responsible partner and will accept the cat only with tests

Did you know about the tail of Neva Masquerade cats??


Probably many of you know the Neva Masquerade Cats in real life.. But I, Bumbarash Moonshine of Neva, very much doubt that any of you have thought about how hard it is to be the owner of a gorgeous Neva-masquerade tail and valiantly fulfill the cat’s mission. After all, the purpose of a cat involves not only the ability to play, catch mice and sleep in the sun. We have been entrusted with the great mission of bringing humanity closer to Zen.. Since childhood, we have been striving to literally “trample” this great teaching into every person who needs peace and harmony..

And imagine a cat who is distracted from his mission by a magnificent tail. You'll think I'm bragging... but no, I'm just sharing my thoughts and feelings with you. My tail is not just a beautiful decoration, it is my tool, my essence, my source of strength.. Sometimes I feel that he has his own will and his own thoughts, which help me fulfill my mission even more effectively.

But, like everyone else, I have moments of weakness when I simply cannot resist the temptation and run after my tail, play with it and spin in a whirlwind of joy. But then, realizing my mistake, I return to my mission, with a clearer mind and strengthened spirit.

Sometimes, when I get caught up in playing with the tail again, I hear a little voice that whispers to me: “Don’t forget your mission, don’t forget your power.”. This voice will sound so clear and distinct that I understand that it was not just a voice, it is the call of my soul, the call of my true essence.

And although my Neva-masquerade tail continues to beckon and seduce me, I know that this is just a test on the path to Zen. I am ready to accept challenges and conquer my own weaknesses, because my strength is not in my tail, but in my heart and my soul.

I believe that each of you has your own mission in this world, and if you try in your own way to be true to yourself and your essence, then Zen will definitely come to you. After all, within each of us lives strength and wisdom worthy of achieving harmony and peace.

Neva masquerade cat Businka visiting a fairy


Sometimes Neva Masquerade cats have days when they seem to be filled with the feeling of “how beautiful you are, World.”!"

Today I, Bead Moonshine of Neva, visited the fairy. She invited me to a tea party in her cozy house, which was beautifully decorated. We drank aromatic tea from cups painted with exquisite patterns and talked about life, about dreams, about the miracles that always surround us.

The fairy told me about her adventures, about how she helps people fulfill their deepest desires related to creativity and magic.. She said that every person can be the magician of his own destiny, if only he believes in himself and his capabilities.

I listened carefully to her stories, admiring her wisdom and kindness.. At the same time, I felt that my home, the Neva Masquerade cat, was also something like a magical world where beauty and harmony reigned.

When I returned home, I felt that this day had changed me. I began to believe more in miracles, in my strengths and capabilities.. I realized that each of us is capable of creating our own fairy tale, if only we discover the magic within ourselves.

And on this magical day, I promised myself that every day I would find new miracles around me, enjoy small joys and be grateful for everything that is already in my life.. After all, inside each of us lives a little fairy who can be filled with the feeling “how beautiful you are, World.”!"

It takes a certain darkness to see the stars


Once upon a time there lived an unusual and wonderful Neva masquerade cat named Aristotle. His home was filled with joy, warmth and bright Light that penetrated through the windows and scattered on the walls.

But he was a special cat who loved to watch the stars at night. However, the Light prevented him from enjoying the beauty of the heavenly mystery as he could not see the stars due to the bright light.

One day, Aristotle heard from his wise friend Nathani that if he ate the Light, the Darkness would become stronger and he would be able to see the stars. Although Nathanya warned him that it would be dangerous and difficult, Aristotle, with his decisive character, did not give up the idea. He began his exciting quest to make his dream come true.

Under the bed, in the Darkness, Aristotle discovered an underground world full of strange and mysterious creatures. Fireflies lived there and could light the way. With their help, he began his risky plan, first hunting for small candles and then moving on to larger light sources such as table and wall lamps. In all cases, he used his clever ideas and cunning to catch and eat the Light.

With each passing day, Aristotle became more able to notice the stars. But his task was not yet completed. He knew that in order to completely free the Darkness, he needed to destroy the last source of Light in the house - the large chandelier on the ceiling.

Aristotle decided that for this he would need help and decided to turn to his faithful friend Nathan. The old cat, seeing the determination and perseverance of the young Aristotle, agreed to support him.

With his deep knowledge and ability to focus, Nafania devised a clever plan that allowed them to penetrate the ceiling and destroy the chandelier. Their joint efforts had borne fruit more than once before, and after a long and dangerous battle, they were able to complete their mission.

Darkness finally overwhelmed the house, and when Aristotle went out onto the balcony, he was amazed: The light that had bothered him before now did not obstruct his vision. The heavenly starry sky opened before him in complete clarity. The stars he had longed to see for so long now shone brightly in the skies.

Aristotle and Nathania became heroes for all the inhabitants of the house. They taught them the importance of looking to the future and looking for new opportunities, even when everything seems hopeless.

Valentine's Day is simply made for Neva Masquerade Cats


My dear cat lovers, today is a delightful day when passion and love burn in every heart.! I, Neva cat Sofia, cannot pass by and not congratulate you on this wonderful holiday - Valentine's Day!

May this day be the beginning of a new stage in your life, filled with even greater happiness and love.! May every moment spent together be filled with tenderness and joy.. Let every touch be affectionate, every word sincere. May your love be eternal and unshakable, like the strongest bonds!

Happy holiday, my dear friends! Let Valentine's Day remind you of the importance of appreciating and loving each other every day.!

Life of Neva masquerade cats at first glance


The life of Neva Masquerade cats sometimes seems ordinary if you look with a serious look, but just look with playful eyes and you will notice that their lightness and grace make people smile and enjoy the moment.

Neva masquerade cats are real artists who know how to cheer everyone around and fill life with bright colors.

For example, our Aris Moonshine of Neva loves to communicate, you can tell him about everything, complain about the weather or share the joy that you came home and are glad to see him.

He will always find words of consolation and support. Sometimes it seems that he even understands every word you say, although, of course, this is just an illusion.But the illusion created by Aris is so pleasant that you want to believe in it again and again 💞💞💞

Neva Masquerade Birthday!


Today is the birthday of us Neva Masquerade kittens - brother Baloo, sister Businka and brother Bumbarash.! We turned 5 months old today.

We decided to invite all our friends and went to the fairy village to have a big celebration. Each of us came up with our own fun games and competitions for guests. Our fairy friends immediately picked up our energy and joy, and began to cheerfully participate in all our fun. We played hide and seek with the gnomes, launched beautiful balloons into the sky, danced with the elves to the music of forest animals, and even had a funny competition for the best mask. You will not believe! But we won this competition! Because we have the best natural masks.

When the first stars began to appear in the sky, we gathered together around the fire and began to sing songs. We were very happy that our holiday was a success and that we spent it in such a wonderful company with friends and such happy moments always delight the heart and fill it with warmth.

Neva masquerade cat on a walk in the forest


I, Afanasy, the Neva Masquerade Cat, am not at all a supporter of winter walks in the forest, but this time I liked the walk.

The snow crunched softly under my paws, enveloping me in the breath of winter. I went deep into the forest and saw lights flickering among the snow-covered fir trees. With every step I went deeper into the magic of the winter forest, and suddenly, at the turn of the path, I saw him - the snow king, walking majestically and shimmering with bright lights. It seemed a little transparent, as if it was made of ice and sparkled in the sun with bright reflections.

He smiled at me and invited me to join his winter holiday.

We spent a magical evening running in the fresh air and inhaling the smell of pine needles. The Snow King told me that winter walks in the forest can be the most incredible adventures, if only you discover their wonders.

I learned that the winter forest is a place where every tree and every snowflake has its own story. I felt so comfortable and warm in the company of the snow king that I almost forgot that I had previously avoided winter walks.

Aristotle Moonshine of Neva in a fit of waltz


Once on a cold winter evening I, the Neva masquerade cat Aristotle, was walking along the streets of my cozy town. White snow quietly fell from the sky, covering everything around with a fluffy blanket. Everything around seemed magical and mysterious.

Passers-by smiled and waved at me, I winked back at them with my bright blue eye, filled with mystery and fun.. Everything around me froze in anticipation of a miracle, which, it seemed to me, would certainly happen on this magical night..

And so, wandering along a snow-covered alley, I suddenly saw a mysterious glow in front of me. I followed the sparkling light and found myself in front of a small snow-covered fairy house, from the windows of which bright rays of light shone. There was laughter and music inside, and the aroma of sweet treats filled the air..

I lay down next to the entrance, dreaming of a miracle, wanting to get inside and find out what was going on there.. Quietly tapping my tail, I heard a joyful noise. The door opened and the wonderful world of fairies opened before me. Before I had time to wake up from the intoxicating beauty, I suddenly discovered how one little fairy was touching my paw in an attempt to invite me to dance. I must admit, I was taken aback, since I had never danced with fairies. But Neva masquerade cats are smart and resourceful. Without hesitation, I invited her to climb on my back and when she grabbed it tighter, we began to slowly waltz.

I smoothly rose to my hind legs, made a U-turn and slowly descended. The Fairy beamed with delight, and my soul was filled with unprecedented happiness.. We waltzed together for a long time, forgetting about everything in the world.. There was no more world around, only the two of us were left in this beautiful dance.

When dawn broke, the fairies thanked me for the wonderful evening and offered to make me a wish.. I wished that joy and magic would always reign in this house, and that everyone who gets here could plunge into the world of dance and happiness, like I did that night.

From now on, everyone, I, the Neva masquerade cat Aristotle, will remember this wonderful evening with a smile on my face, knowing that under this snow-covered roof there will always be a place for good meetings and joyful moments.

Neva masquerade cat Aristotle Moonshine of Neva shares with you his secret recipe for happiness!


My dear friends! I am that same cat, Aristotle Moonshine of Neva, who is straight from culinary Olympus and I want to share with you my secret recipe for happiness! And, believe me, true happiness lies not in a mousetrap, but in food!

My recipe for happiness is a mixture of love, taste and comfort. First you need to find the very owner who will cook real masterpieces for you. Let him guess your preferences and surprise you every day with new treats!

The second ingredient is, of course, taste.! Let your diet be varied, like fighting mice, and useful, like an after-dinner scratching post.. Don't forget about fruits, vegetables and anything healthy that will make your tail wag with joy!

And finally, the third ingredient is comfort.! Create a place for yourself where pleasant meals and a friendly atmosphere await you. Let it be warm, cozy and fun there!

And now, the combination of all these ingredients will not leave you indifferent! Friends, try my recipe and I guarantee it will give your life a real culinary taste! Meow-wonderful! 🐾Purrr-fect!

The Adventure of the Neva Masquerade Cat Aristotle


I, Aristotle Moonshine of Neva, the Neva masquerade cat, also really love forest walks, like my mother Sofia.

You can have a real adventure in the forest. Today, late on a snowy evening, I went to the nearest forest, which is visible from the window of our house.. As I approached the forest, I began to hear the sound of bells approaching. My mom always said it was a sign of magic coming.. I decided to go deep into the forest, following the sound. Coming closer, I saw a door in an old wooden house. The door was ajar and I decided to enter. An incredible picture awaited me inside: I looked around in surprise and saw my mother, Sofia, with a garland of fir branches on her head. She smiled at me and said: "Welcome to the magical forest where dreams come true."

I was amazed by the beauty and magic that reigned in this house. We spent the whole night together playing, dancing and having fun. Mom told me many interesting stories about the forest, its inhabitants and secrets. We even met forest fairies who gave us magical snowflakes.

When dawn came, my mother accompanied me to the very outskirts of the tree and gave me a garland of fir branches in memory of this amazing adventure.. I hugged my mother, thanking her for such a wonderful and unforgettable experience, and promised her that I would return to this magical forest more than once..

I realized that the forest hides many mysteries and secrets, and every time I discover something new and exciting.. Now I know that magic really exists, and every walk in the forest could turn into a real adventure..

Aristotle's Heart's Desire


"Oh, Great People, excuse me for my unexpected request, but I, Nevsky Masquerade Cat Aristotle, today I want to ask you to find me an ideal place for a napping cat.

Let it be a place with a soft, fluffy sofa where I can lie down and doze without worrying about my safety.. Let this be a place where I can watch the birds outside the window having fun and playing in the sunshine. Let them sing their songs and give me the cherished feeling of freedom.

I understand that it may be difficult for you to find such a place, but still I hope that you will find it and give me the opportunity to enjoy its comfort. I give you my word, if you do this, I promise you that I will be forever grateful to you.!

Neva Masquerade Cat - Aristotle Moonshine of Neva"

I love Neva Masquerade Cats


The Neva Masquerade cat is a breed of cat with soft, silky fur and incredibly beautiful coloring that resembles a mask. These cats are real works of art and have become popular since the appearance of the breed. The Neva Masquerade breed is a subspecies of Siberian cats. Beautiful, purebred Neva Masquerade kittens are great for showing and breeding, but they are also ideal for those looking for a pet for the soul. Siberian cats are recognized as one of the best breeds in the world. Neva Masquerade cats are a real diamond in the world of cats. Their beautiful coat, gentle nature, ease of training and sociability make them excellent pets. In our nursery, Neva Masquerade breed kittens are bred in accordance with all international standards and high quality requirements. There is no better gift in the world than a Neva Masquerade kitten.

Impressions of Sofia Heaven TurMalin*Ru after the exhibition "CATS' DAY IN LOVE"


You probably think that for Neva Masquerade cats going to a cat show is a test. And, without a doubt, I, Sofia, will not deny this, since much in this new world - smells and sounds - frighten our tender hearts. But the excitement of everything that’s happening makes my head spin and takes over my mind, and I suddenly realize that I’m ready to explore new horizons and plunge into the world of fame.

From the very morning they prepared me for this great event, combed, decorated, made my hair magnificent, and tirelessly admired me. I admit, this attention makes me happy and makes me feel special.

When we arrived at the exhibition, the first thing that caught our eye was the amazing male cats. Honestly, I have never seen so many magnificent cats.

Their thick, shiny fur sparkled like precious stones. Some of them looked so majestic that you just wanted to bow. I admired them, marveling at their beauty and grace.

But soon my attention was attracted by the no less magnificent company of my brothers - the Neva Masquerade Cats. Soon we were looking at these beautiful cats together, either appreciating their beauty, or arguing which of us was more attractive.

Despite the excitement and impressions, we were united. We supported each other, rejoiced in successes and consoled each other in defeats. We have become a real team, united by a love of beauty and grace..

And when it was time to evaluate our performances, we stood together, holding our paws, supporting each other. And, although not all of us received the main prizes, we knew that winning is not the most important thing. The main thing is our common admiration for the beauty and amazing possibilities of the world.

Waking up the next day, I immediately went to look for my prize.. My heart beat even faster. My pride knew no bounds. Either from the excitement of the previous day, or from the fact that I was fast asleep, I almost forgot what he looks like. Everything was a blur in my memory. One thing I know for sure! He was wonderful! The cat show opened the door for me to a world of adventures and dreams that I never even dared to dream about..

Now every day I wake up with a smile on my face, knowing that I am not just a house cat, but a star capable of conquering the world with my unique beauty and charm. And let everyone who meets me on their way know that I am Sofia, the queen of the Neva masquerade cats, ready to take on any challenges and win hearts with my charm..

Neva masquerade cats do not need reasons to be happy


Today I, the Neva masquerade cat Sofia, saw snow for the first time. I was amazed at how sparkling and clean it was.. I raised my tail and started jumping through the streets, leaving my footprints on the fluffy blanket. My paws sparkled with joy! I jumped over snowdrifts, played with snowballs and caught snowflakes with my tongue. But suddenly I saw a little fairy, who in my opinion was lightly dressed and asked her if she was cold?

The fairy smiled at me and replied that the snow does not make her cold, because she has magical abilities that keep her warm even on the coldest day.

I suddenly wondered why fairies and cats don't hibernate.?

The fairy explained to me that they do not need to hibernate, since their magical powers allow them to be active at any time of the year..

Cats, like me, have evolved and learned to withstand the difficulties associated with cold winters. Moreover, they love winter and enjoy every new day, be it a snowstorm or the rays of the sun, since happiness is simply built into them, just like breathing, heartbeat. Cats don't need a reason to be happy because it's their natural state..

The fairy invited me to join her and go together to visit the squirrels, check if they are freezing and if they have enough food. We went to the forest where we met beautiful squirrels. They were worried about the snowy weather, but the fairy consoled them and said that the fairies had collected a lot of nuts and berries, so that there would be enough for the fairies and squirrels to last through the long winter.. The squirrels were so grateful that they organized a masquerade for us, where each animal dressed up as something magical and fun..

When dawn came, we thanked the squirrels for their hospitality and headed home. The fairy and I promised each other to meet again in the spring, when the trees bloom and a new time of miracles comes..

It was a wonderful first day of winter, thanks to which I realized that happiness does not really depend on the season, but is hidden in our hearts, like a magical power.

Sofia's birthday - 8 months


Dear Sofia Heaven TurMalin*Ru, you are the most playful and beautiful Neva Masquerade cat we have ever met in our lives.! You just fascinate us with your charm.

We are very glad that our paths crossed and are very grateful to your breeders Tatyana and Marina, who entrusted you to us.

We wish you to always be as bright and irresistible and that your life is filled with joy, happiness and love. May every day be like a holiday for you, full of games and affection.. We promise to take care of you, love you and pamper you because you deserve only the best.. Happiness, health and many, many buttery cat treats to you, our charming darling!

Happy birthday!

Meeting of the Neva Masquerade cat with a lucky squirrel


Today I, the Neva Masquerade Cat, Sofia and my fairy friend Alya met the same squirrel who was known throughout the forest for the fact that she was always in a good mood. With great curiosity, I asked her:

  • How do you manage to always be in a good mood?? And she told us a story that even in early childhood, her grandfather taught her to discard all comparisons. He said that there is no point in comparing yourself with others and believing that someone is better than you and someone is worse.. You are just you, exactly the way this world needs you and there is no one like you.

Since childhood, Squirrel has learned to accept and love herself for who she is, and to strive for the best, not in order to be better than someone else, but in order to be the best version of herself.. She learned to enjoy the small joys of every day, not comparing her life with someone else's, but simply enjoying what she has.

After all, the main thing is to be happy with yourself and not depend on the opinions of others.

And so, leaving her, I felt that a sense of self-respect and self-love was growing in my heart. I realized that I am exactly who I am and this world needs me, and no one can replace me.

Memories of Sofia


Sometimes you look into your cat album, look at photos from the last month and you'll be surprised how much has happened in such a short period of time..

But my most precious memories are connected with my childhood, when I was a little Neva masquerade kitten. I remember this period in my life as the most joyful and unforgettable.. Every morning I woke up with a feeling of joy and excitement, knowing that a new day of adventure awaited me. I went on walks in my new home, exploring new places, meeting unfamiliar objects and getting to know them.

Now that I’m almost an adult cat, I sometimes remember these wonderful times and with warmth in my heart all those moments of happiness that we experienced together with my household members.

I am grateful to them for playing with me every day and I hope that they also keep these wonderful moments in their memories with love and warmth. After all, memories are the most valuable thing we have.

Catch fish big and small


Catch fish big and small

Sofia's birthday - 7 months


Dear Neva masquerade cat Sofia Heaven TurMalin*Ru!

Congratulations on your next birthday and the fact that you have grown noticeably over the past month. You are becoming stronger, smarter and more beautiful every day..

I wish you continued success, health and lots of goodies. May your life be full of joy and happiness, little star.!

A good mood, a little inspiration and the little Neva masquerade kitten is already flying and playing happily.


A good mood, a little inspiration and the little Neva masquerade kitten is already flying and playing happily. It was as if he woke up in a magical world where everything is possible and dreams come true. It’s little joys like these that can warm the soul on this cold day..

And so, the little Neva masquerade kitten continued his games, despite the cold and bad weather, delighting everyone around with his cheerful mood. After all, sometimes even the smallest joy can bring great happiness.

I am a Neva masquerade cat, brave and decisive!


Today was a strange day. I, the Neva masquerade cat, went to have fun in the village with the fairies. We ran and frolicked and I helped them a little to drag the harvest of vegetables from the field. The fairies were very happy with my help and decided to give me a couple of zucchini to take to my mother.

But suddenly something made a loud noise in the forest. I froze in fear in place, and the fairies immediately began to hide. I thought it was a huge bear coming towards me. I became very scared. Fear overwhelmed me like a dark cloud and I could not move, as if I had been deprived of freedom. I hid with a fairy in a long-abandoned old house overgrown with trees and time seemed to stand still.. Suddenly there was a loud cracking of branches, and I couldn’t stand it and ran, despite my fear, towards the source of the noise.

I had no idea what I would do if there really was a bear there, but I didn’t like being in the shackles of fear of the unknown. While I was running towards danger, thoughts were spinning in my head. Fear is a strange feeling, on the one hand, this feeling has helped all living creatures on earth to survive for many centuries, but on the other hand, this feeling does not allow us to move forward. And I decided that even if there is a bear there... I want to see him at least with one eye. Despite the fear.

After all, if I stay in hiding, I will never become a brave Neva masquerade cat. I must overcome my fear and face danger head on.. Approaching closer to the place of the noise, I saw not a bear, as I expected, but a large fallen tree. I laughed when I realized that the fear was just the fear of my imagination. Then I returned to the fairies, calmed them down and told them about my adventure. They smiled and thanked me for my courage.

Today I realized that fear is not always real, and you need to overcome it in order to become stronger and more confident in yourself.. I will try not to be afraid of the unknown in future..

I returned home with a harvest of vegetables and a new understanding that courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to overcome it for the sake of something important.

And tomorrow, together with the fairies, we will go on new adventures, full of dangers and mysteries, but now I know that if you try, you can overcome any fear and emerge victorious. After all, I am a Neva masquerade cat, brave and decisive!

And together with the fairies we set off on new adventures, full of dangers and mysteries, but I knew that now I could overcome any fear and emerge victorious. After all, I am a Neva masquerade cat, brave and decisive!

My job is to create a mess and then watch and try to understand why you are cleaning everything up.


My job is to create a mess and then watch and try to understand why you are cleaning everything up.

Meeting of the Neva masquerade cat and mouse


Today the weather was wonderful and I, the little Neva masquerade cat, went to the fairy village to celebrate. I ran through a wonderful autumn forest, inhaling the smells of fresh falling leaves and listening to the birds singing. On the way I met little elves who treated me to dried meat. I liked the day more and more. I ran deftly, occasionally jumping over fallen trees..

Suddenly I braked and stopped dead in my tracks.. There was a mouse in front of me. The real one, just like in fairy tales for cats. And the huntress instinct woke up in me. I got ready to jump, but suddenly the mouse spoke.

"Wait, little cat!" - said the mouse with a smile. "I know you're hungry and want to eat me, but I'm offering you a deal.. I can help you get to the fairy village faster and safer, and in return you won't eat me.".

I listened to the mouse as if through a dream. The thirst to eat it took over me so much that it was difficult for me to understand what the mouse was saying..

It seemed to me that part of me wanted to immediately eat the mouse without hesitation, but the other part insisted that the mouse was very cute and it was a pity to eat it. I froze and could not move, because my desires could not agree with each other.. And suddenly I suddenly remembered that just recently the elves treated me to dried meat.

And then I remembered how, as a child, I sat with my grandfather by the fireplace, and he instructed me on the future.. He then said: - To get something you need to learn to want it very much.. It is not greed that moves mountains, but true desire. You need to put your all into it and give it your all. And then you will get what you want.

And I thought, I’m not very hungry and I can easily afford not to eat a mouse.. I'd rather be friends with her.

I decided to trust the mouse and agreed to its proposal. The mouse helped me pass through the labyrinth of the forest and reach the fairy village by a shorter route.. There they greeted me with smiles and cordiality, quenched my hunger, which I managed to work up while running through the forest, and gave me fresh milk to drink..

I hugged the mouse gratefully and told it that I was very glad that I made the right choice.. The mouse smiled at me and said that she was also very glad that we had become friends..

I hope I can continue to control my instincts, because even a small Neva masquerade cat can understand that sometimes friendship and empathy are more important than thirst and instincts. Muur!

Meeting the Neva masquerade cat Sofia with an extraordinary fairy


Today I, Neva Masquerade cat Sofia, met an extraordinary fairy. She can move and see through time and space and is the protector of many fairies. She studied martial arts since childhood and strived to be strong and resilient.. We immediately became good friends and decided to go on an exciting adventure together.

Our path lay through a dense forest, where, according to legend, an ancient dragon lived. We walked forward happily, not worrying about dangers even when we passed through dark and dangerous gorges.. Finally, we got to the very cave where the ancient dragon once lived. The fairy held her magic wand in the air and in the middle of the cave a portal appeared in the air, in which I could see the dragon from the past.

It was gigantic, with emerald-colored scales and flames blazing from its mouth.. The dragon turned towards us and for a second it seemed to me that he saw us. I shuddered and pressed myself against the fairy, but she calmed me down and said that the dragon could not harm us through this portal..

The fairy asked me if I wanted to step into his time and learn his story.. I plucked up my courage and agreed. It turned out that the Dragon was lonely and lost his family during the war between dragons and people. He told us that he would like to find a new place to live where he could be calm and safe.

We decided to help the dragon and went in search of a suitable place for him. The journey was not easy, but we made it through together. In the end, we found an abandoned kingdom where the dragon could live in peace and tranquility. The dragon smiled at us gratefully before we disappeared into the portal back to our time..

We were glad too and returned home, knowing that we had done something good. Thus ended our exciting adventure, and I, the Neva Masquerade Cat, am grateful to fate for the wonderful acquaintance with such an amazing fairy.

Tips from Sofia


Today I, the Neva masquerade cat Sofia, am ready to share with you my tips for playing with teasing.

  1. When you start playing, be careful like a cat before its prey. I can't pull the teaser too hard, otherwise I might lose interest or my nerves might give out..

  2. Choosing teaser size is an art. If it's too small, I might swallow it, but if it's too big, you might have trouble reaching me..

  3. Make the moves I want to see! If you're too slow or too fast, I may not understand what's going on. There is no major music or minor dissonance in life - only the right chords.

  4. Feel free to make sounds and make facial expressions! Who knows what is better: laughter or meow? Sometimes I like it when you fight and play tease!

  5. And don't try to stick a teaser in my ear or eye! It can be indecent and unpleasant.

  6. Don't forget to vary your game! Do not repeat actions several times in a row - this can get boring!

  7. And don't try to attract other animals to play.! I want to be the center of attention and be the only object of love

So these are the experienced tips for those who want to play with tease with love and passion. Follow them and I guarantee you a truly crazy experience!

It’s very easy to love the Neva Masquerade


Love is a very important feeling, when you have a lot of it, it seems to begin to overflow...love extends to animals, trees, flowers, the whole world. When you are overflowing with love, you are a limitless source of love..

Have you ever wondered why people find it easier to love a dog than to love a cat??

Cats are more independent and mysterious. They love you on their own schedule. They can be capricious and unpredictable and you never know what to expect from them.. They always do as they please. If you offend them, the cat is always ready to part with you.

On the contrary, dogs are known for their loyalty and love for their owners. They are always happy to see you, always ready to support and comfort you. Dogs open their hearts unconditionally and selflessly..

However, each animal has its own unique nature and character, and it is important to find a common language and approach to any pet. Whether you're attracted to the loyalty of a dog or the mystery of a cat, the bond and love we can develop with our pets is always so valuable..

The choice is always yours. I made mine in favor of the Neva Masquerade Cats.

Neva masquerade kitten waiting for magic


When the little Neva masquerade kitten is expecting magic, all his toys, like small worlds, seem boring to him, and he cannot find a place for himself in this world of games and joys. The toys, as if frozen in anticipation, stand at his feet, but they cannot dispel the fog of expectation that surrounds his heart.. The kitten cannot explain what exactly he is waiting for, but he feels that the magic he feels is on the verge of awakening.

With every moment that flies by in his life, the kitten hopes that his magic hour will soon come.. He believes that the magic he feels will be discovered, and his life will turn into a holiday, where every object, every moment will be filled with magic. And this moment, when the little Neva masquerade kitten is waiting for a miracle, becomes an illusion and a symbol of hope for the magic that surrounds us all, if we can open our hearts to it.

Meeting the Neva masquerade cat with the spirit of the rowan tree


Today I, the Neva masquerade cat, Sofia, accidentally met the spirit of the rowan tree. She told me a lot of interesting things. Our ancestors, the ancient Slavs, considered rowan, along with oak, birch, and willow, a sacred tree. It was considered the tree of life, and its bright red berries were considered “food of the gods.”

Druids used its wood and berries for magical purposes. A necklace made from red rowan berries protected against all kinds of magical dangers, and the berries were also used as an amulet that protected against evil spirits and witchcraft. If you look closely, you can see that on the underside of its berries there is a pattern resembling an asterisk. In pagan culture, the star was one of the most ancient and most important symbols - a symbol of protection.

This story intrigued me very much. I decided that I wanted to try to use the power of the mountain ash for my protection. I began to collect its berries and made myself a necklace from them. When I put it on, I felt an aura of protection and security begin to reign around me.

Deciding to test it in reality, I headed to the most dangerous place in the forest - where, as they say, the evil spirit lives. But thanks to my rowan necklace, I felt confident and without fear.

When I approached the place where, according to legend, the evil spirit lived, I saw that there was actually a small lost hedgehog there. It turned out that his screams and noises were the cause of rumors of an evil spirit.

I helped the hedgehog find his way home, and he ran away gratefully. I realized that the protection that the mountain ash gave me not only protects me from evil, but also helps me help others and be a kind and brave Neva Masquerade cat.

The true purpose of cats is to teach humans selflessly


The true purpose of cats is to teach a person to love unselfishly and, despite everything, to continue to believe in happiness.

Our life with people is full of secrets and mysteries.. We cats have always been there, guardians of the morning light and the darkness of the night.. We led secret meetings under the moonlight, discussing plans for the protection and well-being of our masters.

We knew that our destiny was connected with people, and even in new homes and among new owners, we continued our work - to teach people selfless love and faith in happiness.

This is how we became mentors, conductors of goodness and warmth.. Our soft paws supported children in difficult moments, our purrs comforted the lonely and sad. We were with them in joy and sorrow, in sickness and in health..

And our story continues, because the true purpose of cats is to teach a person to love not for something, but in spite of everything. To love and believe that good will always prevail, and happiness will find everyone who opens their heart to true love.

Reflections of the Neva Masquerade Cat on good and evil


Today I, the Neva masquerade cat Sofia, spent almost the whole day on the windowsill. I lay there, looked at the cloudy day outside the window and thought. I thought about good and evil, that I see myself in the reflection of the window, and when I smile, I look kind, and when I frown, I look angry.

Do good and evil really exist or is it just a mind game?? After all, if you think about the fact that I will eat a mouse, then for the mouse it is evil, but if I don’t eat and die, it turns out that eating a mouse is good.

Sometimes it seems to me that the world is a big mirror and what I can see in it depends only on the capabilities of my thinking. But in the end, I understand that it is not only how others see me that matters, but also how I see myself.

So, I decided that it is important to be kind not only externally, but also internally. Be an open, friendly and harmonious cat. This is the only way to give warmth and joy to others.

And now from my windowsill I look at the world from a new point of view - from the point of view of kindness and harmony. And I am ready to share this inner light with everyone who needs it. After all, as they say, love and kindness can change the world for the better.

Wonderful meditation in the garden


Today I met a fairy who lives next to the maple forest.. I was amazed by her beauty and soft, magical character. She rushed back and forth, fussed as if everything was a joy to her and her every gesture was full of grace.. I asked her about the life of fairies in general, and she told me incredible stories with a smile..

And then, suddenly, she invited me to spend time together in the garden. She said that she really likes to sit by a tree, close her eyes, feel as if she merges with the tree and gradually disappears from this world. I followed her advice, closed my eyes and with my inner gaze began to observe what the world looks like when I left it, when it was as if I was no longer here.. It's an amazing feeling, you're gone and the world goes on. I had about the same feeling when I was on the train with my mother.. I was amazed that thousands of lives flashed before my eyes in the window, I saw someone going to school, or cultivating a garden. And they don’t even know that someone just touched their life. It's a little scary, but at the same time it fills you with a sense of magic and enchantment..

After spending time with the fairy in the garden, I began to understand that magic is actually present in all our surroundings, we just need to learn to see it. The fairy said that Neva masquerade kittens can also learn to listen carefully to the whisper of leaves, feel the energy of the earth under their feet and see the twinkling of air fairies in the rays of the sun.

When it was time to leave, the fairy gave me the sweet scent of flowers and promised to return again.. I went home, but a spark of magic remained in my heart. And now, every time I walk through the maple forest, I know that somewhere nearby lives a kind and magical fairy, ready to reveal to me new secrets of the universe..

What a fun day


There are days when a good mood just happens. Maybe because you are a Neva Masquerade kitten who eats and grows well, or maybe because your household loves you and pamper. Or maybe because today I, the Neva masquerade cat Sofia, found myself in the very heart of an adventure without leaving home.

As soon as my mother woke me up, I decided to play and, in a fit of mischief, jumped on the curtain to catch a ray of sun playing on the floor. An amazing play of light and shadow slipped through the cracks of my paws, creating some magical patterns.. I caught them like butterflies flying merrily in the spring.

Suddenly, from around the corner of the next room, a muffled noise was heard. I carefully jumped off the curtain and headed towards the source of the sound, diligently moving my paws along the floor.. And then I found a small mouse there, gnawing something and rustling.

I was delighted! Finally, a real adventure happened in my house. I crept up to the mouse slowly and silently, like a real hunter, stretched out my paws and cheerfully caught it.

A funny thought came to my mind and I decided to play with it. We played secrets and hide and seek and catch up until I heard my mother clapping her hands, ready to feed me.. I slipped to the side and, holding back my laughter, let the mouse go free.

She cheerfully waved her tail at me goodbye before disappearing around the corner.. I smiled and hurried to my bowl of food, where my mother was already waiting for me..

Such a fun and exciting day! There are also such?

Little Neva masquerade cat visiting Saligen


Today I dreamed that my mother and I went into the forest in search of Saligen, who live in the thickets of the forest. Saligens take care of the forest in which they live, protect forest animals and do a lot of useful things for people. They often help farmers harvest crops, graze and milk cows, sew and knit, reveal the secrets of medicinal plants to their pets and save those lost in the forest.

Despite the fact that the Saligens belong to the magical world, they can easily be seen by a mere mortal, and I really hoped that my mother and I would be able to see them.

We walked along a forest path, listening to the birds singing and the sound of cracking branches under our feet. Suddenly, a girl with blond hair and blue eyes, barefoot and dressed in white clothes, appeared in front of us. She is as beautiful as my mother, only my mother has brown eyes and she has shoes.

Mom and I, a little Neva masquerade cat, froze, fascinated by this beautiful girl. Saligen smiled at us and said.

“Welcome, little travelers,” she said in a kind voice. - I know that you are looking for me. Can I help you?

We told Saligen that our goal was to see her and thank them for all their good deeds. Saligen smiled and called us to follow her. She showed us medicinal herbs and berries and explained which of them can be used to treat various diseases.

At the end of our trip, Saligen wished us to always be kind and take care of nature the way they do.

We returned home with a heart full of gratitude and respect for these wonderful creatures who make the world a better place with their good deeds.

Guess which photo is my mom? )))

Dreams Come True...


It's good to be a Neva masquerade kitten! You can run around with fairies all day or take a leisurely walk with a goblin. But I also really dreamed of meeting a griffin.

He is considered the most powerful and mysterious beast in the entire forest, and all the animals say that it is great luck to see him.

I began to walk through the forest every day, hoping to see a griffin. And today I was very lucky! When I was about to go home, I suddenly heard a strange noise in the bushes. I came closer and saw him - the griffin from my dreams! He was much more beautiful and majestic than I could have imagined.

I froze in place, not believing my eyes. The griffin came up to me and spoke in a loud but friendly voice. It turned out that he knew about my dream and agreed to spend the whole day with me, showing me the most beautiful and secret places of the forest.

So I spent the most unforgettable day of my life, learning a lot of new and amazing things. When evening came, he accompanied me all the way to the house and promised to return for a visit. I couldn’t believe my luck and thanked fate for such a miracle.

Now I know that if you believe with all your heart, your dream will definitely come true and lead to the desired result, even if it is a dream of meeting one of the most mysterious creatures.

Unexpected guest


Today the weather was bad and I couldn't go to the village to see the fairies.. I spent half a day looking out the window and dreaming about miracles that could happen if I were a magical fairy.. But suddenly there was a knock on the door, and when I opened it, I saw a strange man in a mask. "Hello, Neva masquerade cat Sofia!" - he said with a smile. "I have come from a distant land to ask for your help.".

I was surprised and intrigued. The man told me that a disaster had happened in his kingdom - an evil sorcerer had stolen all the magic crystals that kept the balance between light and darkness.. Without them the kingdom was doomed to destruction.

"Help us, Neva Masquerade Cat, get the magic crystals out of the cage of the evil sorcerer and return them to us!" - the man begged.

I realized that my chance to feel like a real fairy had finally come. I agreed to help and together with the stranger hit the road.

We overcame many challenges, fought monsters and solved puzzles, but in the end we finally reached the castle of the evil sorcerer. The battle was fierce, but thanks to my sharp claws, I managed to pull out all the magic crystals from his cage and return them to their rightful owners.

When the kingdom was once again filled with light and kindness, I realized that I myself had finally realized my power and magic.. Now I knew that being a Neva masquerade cat means being not only beautiful and mysterious, but also strong and heroic.

And the king of the kingdom for this gave me the most magical crystal, which gave me eternal magical power. Since then, I have become not just a cat, but a real defender of the kingdom, whose name has become a legend in all corners of their world..

Neva masquerade kittens are ready again and again to give their magical grace to everyone who needs the magic of goodness and joy


Neva masquerade kittens love to lie in the grass and watch how spiders weave webs, fairies collect nectar, or simply do good deeds. Previously, in the old days, there were evil fairies... they could steal a baby to replenish their family, giving people “changelings”.

But now everything has changed, and evil fairies have ceased to exist. Now Neva masquerade kittens live in a world of harmony and kindness, and together with fairies they help people in difficult moments and bring them joy with their games and pranks.

Once upon a time, at the holiday of Magic and Fun, the Neva Masquerade Kittens organized a fun carnival, where everyone could transform into their favorite character. Little fairies danced around the magic tree, and kittens played hide and seek with the children, using their magical abilities to hide better. I was there too.

Everything around was filled with joy and magic, and not a single mystical creature could resist the charms of this place. Neva masquerade kittens and fairies continued their fun games and fun until dawn, filling the hearts of everyone present with joy and happiness.

After the carnival ended, the Neva masquerade kittens and fairies promised to return again and again to give their magical grace to everyone who needs the magic of goodness and joy. And since then, I remain in love with this magical world, where dreams become reality and where everyone can find their happiness.

Neva Masquerade cats have a wonderful sense of smell and sensitive whiskers.


Today I, the little Neva masquerade cat Sofia, spent the whole day at home, although I heard out of the corner of my ear that fairies were frolicking near their village, but my mother was preparing cutlets and they smelled so delicious that I just couldn’t stop thinking about this yummy.

I spent the whole evening dreaming about my delicious reward, and only at dawn I was able to fall asleep. It's not easy to be a Neva masquerade cat, because we have a wonderful sense of smell and sensitive whiskers. But, despite all our features, we also love delicious food and enjoy every moment when our mother prepares something special for us..

The rain makes many Neva masquerade cats sad.


It's raining again today. Rain makes many cats sad. So I, the Neva masquerade cat Sofia, felt a little sad about this and I decided that despite the puddles, I could get to my fairy friend.

Without thinking twice, I rushed to her. If my mother had seen me, how wet I was and how dirty my panties were, she would definitely have said that I again started a fight in the mud with other kittens.

As soon as I reached the fairy's house, I saw that she was already waiting for me with a smile on her face.. She showed me where she has a shower at home, I quickly washed myself and dried my fur coat.

Then we sat down to drink warm milk with meat marmalade and I complained to the fairy about how long it took to wait for the bad weather to end..

The fairy shrugged her shoulders and said: - Why wait? Isn't it sad to just wait for something to end?? Isn’t it better to try to enjoy and enjoy what will be present in your life one way or another??

These words got me thinking. I decided that I would not wait for the rainy day to end, but would simply enjoy the time spent with my magical friend. The rain outside is not a problem when you have such a cheerful friend as a fairy.

The fairy and I spent the whole day playing games, dancing to music and telling each other funny stories. Even the rain outside the window no longer seemed so dull and gray, because inside our cozy house it was so warm and joyful.

When it was time to say goodbye, I promised the fairy that I would no longer complain about the rainy weather and that I would find joy even in the grayest days.. She smiled at me and said that she was glad that her friend had learned to appreciate every moment of life. And I went home, despite the puddles and drizzling rain, with a smile on my face and a heart full of joy and gratitude..

There is no bad weather


Today in the world of fairies it was raining and there was a strong wind, so I, the little Neva masquerade cat Sofia, decided to stay at home. But it was boring and I invited my fairy friend to visit me.

She arrived and we started talking about various magical adventures.

Alya, in turn, told me about how she helped her friend, who believed that he was the most unhappy and always complained about life. She said that she could use her magic wand to help him get rid of his suffering, but in exchange, he needed to take the burden of someone else's suffering.. She gave him three days to think about it, so he could choose whose suffering he was willing to take upon himself..

And so, three days passed and I realized that I couldn’t choose someone else’s suffering.... his own suffering is at least familiar to him. He got used to them over many years and learned to live with them.

His face changed, he stopped complaining, smiled and said: - Thank you Alya, you helped me see the world differently, pay attention to the good and understand that every moment of life is worthy of gratitude.

Alya and I continued to talk about magical events and adventures, and I realized that our friendship between the Neva masquerade kitten and the fairy was in itself a real miracle. After all, together we were never bored, and we always found joy and inspiration in everything we did.

This is how our magical day passed, filled with conversations and joy.. And when it was time to say goodbye, we hugged and said to each other: “See you again, my magical friend.”.

Even the most ordinary Neva masquerade cats can find their place in the magical world of fairies


Sometimes I like to leisurely watch the lives of fairies. I sit not far from their houses and watch them bustle around the house, cheerful games and dances.

Today, as I was sitting on the lawn, I noticed that one of the fairies had lost her bag of fairy pollen. She was very upset and could not find him anywhere. I decided to help her and went in search. After much effort and numerous checks, I found the lost bag and returned it to the fairy. She was very grateful and said that I deserved a reward for my kindness and compassion and invited me to become her friend. I was very happy and agreed to this offer.

Now I can spend even more time in the company of cheerful and cute fairies, participate in their exciting games and travel with them to magical places. So even the most ordinary Neva masquerade cats can find their place in the magical world of fairies and become their true friends.

A wonderful meeting of the Neva masquerade cat


Good afternoon! Today I, the little Neva masquerade cat Sofia, met the goblin, the guardian of the forest. He took on the image of a Neva masquerade kitten and I almost got lost in the forest chasing him. But then he took pity on me and took on his usual image of an old man with a long beard.. He told me several good stories about how he makes sure everything is okay in the forest and how he helps animals if they are in trouble.

Leshy also shared with me a secret about how he protects the forest from people who want to harm nature. He spoke about his important work and how important every vegetation, every animal is for balance in the forest. After talking with the goblin, I realized that he is a real protector and guardian of the forest, devoting his whole life to this noble cause. I promised him to help him in his business and to be vigilant towards nature. With a warm heart and gratitude, I said goodbye to the goblin and went on my way, realizing the importance of his existence and glorifying his greatness.

Neva masquerade kittens fill life with a positive mood.


Neva masquerade kittens fill life with positive mood. They are smart, dexterous and sensitive to the people around them. These kittens are always able to cheer you up with their playful antics..

In the evening, when all worries are left behind, Neva masquerade kittens become real companions for their owners.. They can sit comfortably on your lap and become ideal partners for evening gatherings.. Their ability to sense a person’s mood makes them special; they easily pick up on the emotions of their owners and can become true friends and dispel feelings of loneliness.

In general, Neva masquerade kittens are real treasures and spiritual companions in life.. Their positive attitude, ability to support and cheer up makes them irreplaceable friends for everyone who appreciates beauty, intelligence and friendliness in one being..

In the hearts of Neva masquerade kittens there will always be a place for magic


Today I had a dream that one charming fairy gave me wings and her magic wand. You can't imagine how much more dexterous a Neva masquerade kitten can become if it has wings and a magic wand! I flew over fields and forests, fulfilled the most incredible wishes and helped those who needed them. My wings were so light and beautiful that it seemed as if I myself had become part of this magical world.

Then I decided to radically improve people’s lives and rid them of their main problem..."knowledge of good and evil". After all, if they did not possess this great knowledge, then they would be happy just like us - Neva Masquerade Cats. But for some reason I couldn't solve this problem. Perhaps I was holding the magic wand incorrectly, I have paws.. or maybe you need very strong magic, which I don’t possess.

But despite this, I still continued to work miracles and my friendship with the fairy became the most valuable treasure for me, because thanks to her I learned that within me there is magic and power that can change the world for the better.

When I woke up, I remembered my incredible dream with a smile and realized that even without wings and a magic wand I can be a good and responsive kitten. After all, in the hearts of Neva Masquerade kittens there will always be a place for magic and goodness.

I’m just an ordinary Neva Masquerade cat


Sometimes I, the little Neva masquerade kitten Sofia, sit on the nightstand near the bed and imagine myself as an ancient sacred animal, sitting majestically on a pedestal, the keeper of secret knowledge. But in fact, I’m just an ordinary Neva Masquerade cat, living in a cozy apartment with caring owners. My name is Sofia, and I enjoy my life every day, because I can see in parallel reality fantastic worlds with elves and fairies that only cats see. Sometimes I pretend that I am a fairy myself, capable of flying and creating magic and I really, really love chasing elves. It's so wonderful to be a cat!

My owners, mom and dad, are always surprised by my jumping and speed. They say I'm a magical cat that can maneuver in the air like a real fairy. You probably don’t know, but cats often don’t sleep, sometimes we just close our eyes - this helps us go into a fantasy land.

One day I met the Elf Queen there, who gave me a golden star of secret knowledge, which reminds me of my great destiny. On the back of the star it is written in Elvish that I am a sorceress cat who brings joy and happiness to the lives of her owners..

Each Neva Masquerade cat has its own little story and fairy tale, which makes it special and unique..

My task as a little Neva masquerade cat is to share with them its positive energy


When I, the little Neva masquerade kitten Sofia, look into the world of fairies, everything seems amazing and magical to me. I meet amazing creatures there that remind me that in this world there is a place not only for ordinary Neva masquerade cats, but also for fairy-tale creatures. They tell me about their adventures and magical abilities, making me believe that there is a hidden world around us that we are not even aware of..

I set out on a journey through this unknown world, and every new day brings me new discoveries and meetings.. I make friends among fairies and other magical creatures, and together we explore mysterious places and solve interesting puzzles. The world of fairies is so diverse and amazing that I can no longer imagine my life without it..

But my wonderful travels do not prevent me from realizing that my destiny is connected not only with the world of fairies, but also with the world of people. And I understand perfectly well that my task of the little Neva masquerade cat is to share with them its positive energy and magic. And then I go back to the world of people to bring them a piece of wonder and magic from my world.

Neva masquerade kitten Sofia dreams of becoming a musician


Sometimes I, the Neva masquerade kitten Sofia, dream of becoming a musician. Have you noticed that if you pull the rubber band of a teasing toy with a mouse, it makes different sounds??

This is just amazing! I can play it like a musical instrument and create my own music. One day, when I was playing with a teaser rubber band, my owners heard these sounds and decided to record them on video.. And we, all together, posted this video on the Internet..

I hope that my humble musical talents will be noticed by many people and I will be invited to perform at a music festival. I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase my talent in front of a large audience..

The main thing is to be together


I am the Neva masquerade kitten Sofia, and I really love to play. My mother knows this very well and quite often buys me new toys.. For example, today I received a wonderful fish as a gift, with which I ran around the house all day. Sometimes I think my mom loves to play as much as I do. And when my mother has a day off, she often spends it with me, playing different games..

Sometimes we play hide and seek, and sometimes we just lie on the couch and think about all sorts of things..

But today we had a special day. My mother gave me a fish and we played together, threw and chased the fish, caught it and rejoiced together. When evening fell, it was time to go to bed. I climbed into my mother’s bed, lay down on her tummy and began to purr, and my mother wrapped me in a blanket and told me some fairy tale about a brave kitten who traveled the world.

It was one of those evenings when I especially feel that the most valuable thing I have is my family.. And it doesn’t matter whether we play together or just sit and talk, the main thing is to be together and take care of each other. And I hugged my mother tighter so that she knew that I love her very much.

Even in the world of magic and fantasy, the most important thing is the care and love of loved ones.


Having returned from fantasy worlds, I turn into an ordinary Neva masquerade kitten, who lives in the circle of loved ones and receives care and affection from them. Mom strokes my soft silky fur and dad plays cat games with me.. I give them my devotion and love, and in return they feed me delicious food, and in the evenings we like to fall asleep together. After all, even in the world of magic and fantasy, the most important thing is the care and love of loved ones.

Reflections of the Neva Masquerade Kitten


Today I lay for half a day and thought that if the crown of evolution were not people, but Neva masquerade cats? And our civilization would develop not in technogenic civilizational development, but in biological? What if our world was different - a world where cats ruled the roost??

In such a world, masquerade Neva cats would be the rulers of all creatures. Our civilization would be based on biological development, where concern for nature and others would come first. We could learn to grow houses from trees. All animals would live in peace and harmony, because the rulers - Neva cats - would maintain harmony and balance in nature.

In this world, a cat would be a symbol of wisdom and justice. She would teach other animals to respect and love nature, help each other and live in harmony. Each cat would be unique and special, but they would all be united by a common goal - to create a piece of paradise on Earth.

Who knows, maybe one day our world will become different, and Neva masquerade cats will rule everything!

Neva Masquerade kitten is like a little child


She won't tell you "allow" Only with a glance will ask and of course you will give her Naughty, rush and rustle

I, the Neva masquerade kitten, have cornflower blue eyes in any weather..


Sometimes I have quiet days and I just lie on a tree stump and peacefully watch how the fairies’ eyes change color.. Fairies are spiritually very connected with nature. Their eyes even change color depending on what the weather is like, whether the wind is blowing or raining.. When it rains, fairies' eyes turn bright blue.. And in winter, their irises often turn beautiful green.. Fairies who love to dream under the starry sky have stars sparkling in their eyes! I, a Neva masquerade kitten, have cornflower blue eyes in any weather..

This is probably because I always look at the world with hope and optimism.. My eyes reflect my soul, filled with love for life and the desire to see beauty in everything that surrounds me.. When I watch fairies, it seems to me that they have a special power that can transform the world around them. And I believe that each of us has something magical that makes our world brighter and more beautiful.

Sometimes it seems to me that everything in the world has a purpose, including me. I try to accept the world as it is and find my place in this life. After all, it depends only on ourselves what our eyes will become - bright and shiny, or cloudy and dull..

So I, little Neva masquerade cat Sofia, continue to be in my own little world, watching the fairies and looking at the bright side of life. After all, this is the only way to find magic in everyday life and find greatness in the simplicity of being..

I don't understand why people are waiting for me to jump? I'm just trying to get away.


I don't understand why people are waiting for me to jump? I'm just trying to get away.

Getting to know a new toy


Beloved and unique


I am pure in soul and pure in thoughts. I do not pose obstacles and scandals, And, in addition, I am by no means an egoist. I know when to stop. I have the mind and the honor. Well-read, educated and handsome

Sofia - Neva Masquerade Kitten


Yawn, yawn - go to Fedot))))

Am I the sweetest in the world?


"My light, mirror! tell me Tell me the whole truth: Am I the sweetest in the world, All rosy and white?"

The parallel world of Nevsky-Masquerade


Cats live in their own fairy-tale world; they are able to see a parallel reality in which only fairy-tale creatures live. It's funny to watch Neva masquerade kittens, how they suddenly get scared of something or hunt for something invisible to us. They can slow down halfway and attack invisible barriers, playing in their reality, unattainable for us. Cats also have special abilities to communicate with other fairy-tale creatures, be they dragons, unicorns or elves. In their fairy-tale world, harmony and magic reign, which we humans would so much like to believe in.

Sofya plays


When the sun hits the room and creates dark shades on the floor, I catch those shadows and fight them. Sometimes it looks really funny because the shadow just disappears when I try to catch it.

Neva masquerade kittens have unsurpassed cunning and intelligence


Neva masquerade kittens have unsurpassed cunning and intelligence, which makes them excellent hunters. Neva masquerade kittens also get along well with children and, as a result, growing up next to them, these kittens become not only true friends, but also real family members whom you want to please, caress and play with every day.

Neva masquerade kittens bring joy and energy to the home, they are an ideal companion for those who love an active lifestyle and just warmth and affection.



I consider it my duty to warn that the cat is an ancient and inviolable animal

I hope I will grow up to be a beautiful blue-eyed girl


Today I looked like this - left and right, And her tail flickered patiently and playfully, I'm a masquerade cat, with a beautiful mask I hope I will grow up to be a beautiful blue-eyed girl, I won’t get tired of spinning in a masquerade dance, And I will continue to admire the cat from Lukomorye.

Eyes are a reflection of the soul


In very early childhood, the mother of the little Neva masquerade cat Sofia said: eyes are a reflection of the soul. And since then the cat has looked straight into people's souls.. Her mother's words had a great influence on her. She has always felt a special gift for discerning people's true intentions and emotions just by looking into their eyes.. The kitty has learned to be a keen observer and a master at reading between the lines.

Just a Tsar - Neva Masquerade Cat Afanasy


Once upon a time there lived a Nevsky masquerade cat Afanasy. Proudly and skillfully he ran through the streets, like the master of the night. His silken fur shone in the sun like a precious robe, and his eyes sparkled like two bright stars in the sky..

The extraordinary beauty and magical power of the cat did not leave city residents indifferent. With wisdom and skill, he predicted the future, helped in difficult times and protected from evil forces, like a guardian of ancient legends.

But the day came when an evil sorcerer plunged the city into darkness and chaos.. People disappeared, houses collapsed, and strange sounds were heard in the night, filling hearts with fear.. Neva masquerade cat Afanasy realized that it was time to intervene.

He went in search of the sorcerer, preparing to fight the darkness. His eyes shone militantly, carrying with them strength and determination.. The battle was fierce, but thanks to his magical abilities and courage, the cat won, drove away evil from the city and returned peace and tranquility to the inhabitants.

So ended this story about a valiant cat who was not afraid to fight evil and help people. His name became a symbol of wisdom, strength and courage, and everyone who met him on their way felt protected and calm.

Let the Neva masquerade cat Afanasy be an example for all of us - no matter what, we can be strong and kind, helping others and protecting them from evil.

The cycle of kittens in nature


The cycle of kittens in nature

when you think you got into a box


It is very difficult to understand how a cat feels when it climbs into a box. Perhaps she feels protected, like in her cozy hideout. Maybe she just loves the feeling of tight walls pressing against her, which reminds her of her mother's embrace. Perhaps she is just playing and trying to unravel all the secrets hidden inside this small space. No matter what thoughts are running through her head, one thing is for sure - she is enjoying the moment, being in her small, serene box.

Who didn't hide, it's not my fault


When I, little Neva masquerade cat Sofia, hide under the blanket and peek through a small hole, it seems to me that I have superpowers. My heart beats faster, and my ears move alertly, catching every sound that comes from behind the walls of the room.. I become an unnoticed observer, watching through time and space.

Affectionate kitten, like a small child


This affectionate kitten Like a little child - And he "must not be naughty" It's useless to talk.

Neva masquerade cat thinking


The Neva masquerade cat Sofya lay down and thought about whether there are fairies on earth or if it just seems so to her. She looked at the world around her and tried to understand, maybe there are some magical creatures that help people, bring them happiness and make their wishes come true? She may not immediately find the answer to this question, but I am sure that she will believe in the impossible, remain open to miracles and do not miss the opportunity to penetrate the secrets of this wonderful world.

Beautiful Neva masquerade dreamer


My beloved Neva Masquerade cat Sofia is a dreamer, she loves to lie down and contemplate the world around her.. Her eyes, deep and mysterious, attract glances and immerse you in a world of fantasy and dreams.. She loves to receive affection and attention. With her, every moment becomes special and meaningful - next to her you can forget about everyday worries and enjoy the beautiful moments of life. I'm glad that she became part of my family and fills my heart with warmth and joy every day.

Mating with a Neva Masquerade cat


Cat Afanasy

Large Neva Masquerade cat with good breed characteristics. Blood type AA Show dog, with good pedigree. The cat is untied. There are tests for infections.

We expect the same responsibility from our partner and will only accept a cat with tests.

Good night ..meow


Cats fall asleep with their paws, as if they are trying to take over the whole world with their peacemaking power.

Where's the mustache?


They say that if a mother gnaws off a kitten's whiskers, it becomes more obedient and so that they do not crawl far from the house and do not expose themselves to danger due to curiosity. I was exactly that Neva masquerade kitten whose mustache was chewed off by his mother. It turned out that in addition to the fact that my orientation in space became worse not for a long time, but in addition, I had also forgotten how to find fairies.

My mother, seeing my difficulties, decided to teach me a new way to find fairies. She explained that to find them, I need to turn to nature, be attentive to all the sounds and smells that will guide me to the goal.

So I, little Neva masquerade cat Sofya, went into the forest, whispering quiet prayers to the ancient gods of the forest and listening to the whisper of the trees. With every step I felt that I was picking up the trail of fairies, and my heart skipped a beat with excitement.. But I was often wrong and had to listen to my instincts again and again. And finally, I saw them, small and beautiful, dancing around the flowers and singing gentle melodies. The fairies rejoiced at my arrival and told me that they saw nobility and kindness in my heart. So I returned home, with a feeling of pride and satisfaction.

It is very pleasant to realize that my destiny is connected with magic and miracles, and I am ready to follow my path, despite any obstacles. Even the loss of whiskers in the Neva masquerade kitten! One way or another they will grow back!

Our beloved Afanasy


When a little cat appears in your house and grows before your eyes, you watch with special tenderness as it turns from a tiny kitten into a big and powerful cat.. I have long been in love with the Neva Masquerade breed and every day I rejoice at the wonderful character and stunning appearance of our Afanasy.

Neva masquerade balls are able to create an atmosphere of harmony and friendship in any home. Their unique appearance and extraordinary intelligence allow me to enjoy every moment spent next to them.. When I look into the eyes of my cat, I see in him not only beauty, but also a soul full of tenderness and devotion.. Our connection covers many areas of life, from games and affection to conversations and silent mutual understanding, looking into each other's eyes. I am very happy that Nafanya appeared in our lives and he has never ceased to amaze me over the years with his unique character and boundless love..

It's so good when everything is fine


Neva Masquerade kittens are ready to open their heart and soul to you


Neva Masquerade kittens believe in love and affection, and they are ready to open their heart and soul to you. Their beautiful eyes personify the depth of sincerity of feelings that they experience for their owners. They will always be affectionate and devoted, ready to share all the joy and sadness of their owners..

Neva Masquerade Cats are also capable of creating a magical atmosphere in the house. They have a special energy that helps create harmony and comfort.. Their presence can relieve tension and bring a positive aura into the home.. They are not only just pets, but also true friends who will always support, cherish and protect their owners.

If you have smart eyes and a mysterious smile, then a camera is filming you


If you have smart eyes and a mysterious smile, then there is a high probability that at this moment a camera is filming you. And I, like a true cat, know this from my own experience. The camera is another opportunity to show everyone your uniqueness and grace..

I'm sure that even on my worst days I still look amazing on screen. And, of course, there are times when I deliberately wag my tail or do a few jumps so that the camera can fully capture all my grace..

So, even if you're on camera, don't forget that true talent and style cannot be hidden. After all, smart eyes and a mysterious smile are just the beginning of what should be captured. Seize your moment of glory and show the world that you are the real star who cannot be stopped!

Neva Masquerade kittens - BEST!



Who in all the world is fairest And has beauty of the rarest?

Sofya )))


Tell me please, do I look like dad or mom?

Neva masquerade kitten doesn't mind playing


Today I, the Neva masquerade cat, Sofia, came up to my mother and, purring sweetly, asked me to play an exciting game.

Mom smiled and took out a fishing rod, my favorite toy. I squealed with joy and began to catch the fishing rod with deft movements of my paws. I jumped, twisted my tail and deftly caught the toy until my mother said it was time to rest. I went up to her, licked her nose and sat down next to her to listen to her stories..

Mom began to talk about the magical forest, where funny fairies, hedgehogs, a little fox and little hares lived.. I closed my eyes and imagined myself in this amazing place where every day was full of fun and adventure.. When the fairy tale ended, I lay down on a soft pillow, inventing my own continuation. I felt so comfortable and warm next to my mother that I fell asleep, dreaming about magical adventures in the forest..

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


Mom always says that I am the most beautiful. beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

beauty... very important thing! You can live without cakes and a bicycle with a flashlight, without carousels and medals for first place, you can also somehow live. You may not believe me, but I knew a boy who managed to live even without a TV. But you can’t live without beauty. Does not work.. "Smeshariki"

Neva masquerade kittens are very social cats


Neva masquerade kittens are like fairy-tale creatures. From the first days of acquaintance, they create a unique atmosphere of magic and fun. At first, they get acquainted with the new house with curiosity and admire every corner of it. Charming with their playfulness and tenderness, they quickly win the hearts of their owners. Neva masquerade kittens are very social cats and easily get along with other pets.

Neva masquerade kittens have a character that will not leave anyone indifferent - they are friendly, affectionate and cheerful. Neva masquerade kittens are a real treasure that will become a reliable friend and beloved member of your family.

On the hunt, as in life, the main thing is to be able to wait


The Neva masquerade kitten has excellent coordination and precise jumping, he is a good hunter and can rush from morning to night after toys, chasing his prey. His whole day is filled with excitement and energy, and only when evening comes does he get tired and find a cozy place for a well-deserved rest.

When evening comes, the kitten comes to the owners' lap and purrs in a soft voice, expressing its affection and gratitude. His eyes close in exhaustion, but his heart is still beating strongly from the excitement and fun of the day. The Neva masquerade kitten falls asleep happy and tired, knowing that tomorrow new adventures and games await him.

Siesta time - mom, I want to sleep


Neva masquerade kitten - cattery Moonshine of Neva

Neva masquerade kittens are very brave!


Today I, the little Neva masquerade cat Sofia, sat in ambush and watched the fairies. I was full of curiosity and delight. Never before have I seen such magic happening before my eyes.. Fairies circled in the air, leaving behind trails of light and dust, painting the night sky with bright colors..

Suddenly one of the fairies noticed me and, with a smile on her face, approached me. You probably know? Neva masquerade kittens are very brave! And I, without being afraid, even waving my tail joyfully, tried to catch the flying fairy. But she just laughed and continued to play with me, performing amazing tricks and tricks..

I was delighted with such communication with the fairy and did not want this moment to end. Jumping and purring, I tried to imitate her flying movements and spells. But, alas, at some point the fairy decided to leave and return to her world, leaving me in amazement and admiration.

But this evening left unforgettable memories in my heart and a desire to meet the fairies again at the next masquerade. After all, only in their world can you discover real magic, you can meet amazing mystical creatures that can please and surprise even such a small Neva masquerade kitten as me!

I was just sitting in ambush here


The yawning Neva masquerade kitten


The yawning Neva Masquerade Kitten is a living masterpiece created by nature. Sofia is amazingly beautiful and graceful, as if emerging from the artist’s most vivid imagination.

Little Neva Masquerade was very friendly and curious from the very beginning. In her eyes there was that unknown magic and mystery that could open up new paths and opportunities. Thus begins the cheerful and wonderful life path of the little Neva masquerade kitten, leaving behind only joyful memories and grateful hearts of those who have ever met him along the way.

Lovely Sofya


My favorite Neva masquerade kitten aroused my admiration from the first meeting. Sofia's eyes, sparkling in the daylight, reflected endless curiosity and thirst for adventure.. From the first day she became a real center of attention in our house, always attracting the admiring glances of guests.. My beloved Neva Masquerade remains forever in my heart, filling it with warmth and happiness.

Relax and enjoy the moment with me


You can watch the Neva masquerade kitten in a state of relaxation forever. His fluffy fur and playful eyes attract the attention of everyone who comes near him. The kitten lies stretched out on its stomach and blinks carelessly. His face seems to defy reality, as if saying: “Relax and enjoy the moment with me.”

One two three four. Get ready to exercise!


Who is boldly friends with exercises, who will drive away laziness in the morning, Will be brave and skillful and fun all day long!

Meet us!


My name is Sofya Heaven TurMalin*Ru, I was born on March 31, 2021

Sofya Heaven TurMalin*Ru


Sofia Heaven TurMalin*Ru was born on March 31, 2021

Sofya's dad


This is my father - Sibirskiy Lazurit Elisey

Sofya's mom - GrICh Pauline "Zvezdnaya Rossyp"


Our Sofia has such a wonderful mother - GrICh Paulina “Star Scattering”



It all started when in the summer of 2014 we got a Neva masquerade cat, Nafanya, who has been delighting us with his character for many years.. Our family was fascinated by Nafanya at first sight. He is incredibly gentle, tactful and smart, quickly won our hearts and charmed all our friends and neighbors. Every day he complements us with his presence and extraordinary energy.. Together with Nathanya, our life has become fuller and more diverse..

Many years have passed since then, and Nafanya still remains an unchanged member of our family.. His character, intelligence and intelligence turned him into our dear favorite. We will always be grateful that fate brought us together, and we hope that Nafanya will continue to delight us with her kindness and warmth in her heart.