Moonshine of Neva

Dear guest, welcome to the cozy and warm world of the "Moonshine of Neva" cattery!
We are glad to welcome all admirers of the wonderful Neva Masquerade cats.

Neva masquerade cats are incredible creatures that impress with their unique beauty and grace. They have hypoallergenic fur and are distinguished by their intelligence and intelligence. Being loyal friends, they delight their owners with their company and are easy to train.

We place great emphasis on genetic preparation and common sense by carefully monitoring the health of our cats and testing for hereditary diseases. This is a good investment in the future health of little kittens and the foundation for their successful development and happy life.

Each of our cat families leads a prosperous and fulfilling life in cleanliness and comfort. Cats receive a balanced diet, which has a positive effect on their general condition and appearance.

Our main goal is to find caring and loving families for our kittens. We are happy to see how our kittens bring joy and happiness into the lives of their new owners. Together with you, we are opening new horizons of love and devotion, making the world even brighter and warmer.

And we are always happy to provide all the necessary information about the breed, answer your questions and help in choosing and purchasing a new family member. Welcome to the world of Neva Masquerade cats of the Moonshine of Neva cattery - a place where true love and lifelong friendship are born.

So welcome to join us! 🤗🤗🤗

Our cattery is part of the oldest International Feline Center "Felis" and is registered with the World Cat Federation (WCF - Germany).